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July 12, 2019



Custom Window Treatments

Custom Shades and Blinds

Lafayette Interior Fashions is a leader in custom window coverings including blinds, shades, shutters and draperies.

Design Considerations:

Light Control and Privacy

Window Treatment Lighting Control & PrivacyWhen choosing a suitable window covering for the home or office, it’s important to keep in mind how products function. Part of that function, is the direction of light control and the opacity or openness. Various window treatments can help illuminate a dim room or help block out intense sun light which can cause furniture and flooring to fade. They can also alleviate glare on computer and television screens.


This is a term used more often these days and it’s all about controlling and using the natural light from the sun to the best advantage for your home. You can save energy by using the sunlight to fill your home to avoid using artificial light. It’s also a good way to add heat to your home during winter months or keep it out during summer months to keep that electric bill down.


For products that have louvers or slats, depending on orientation (horizontal or vertical) the incoming natural daylight can be controlled from left to right or from ceiling to floor.  The products listed below can help reflect light off of interior surfaces to add light to a room. In the same respect they can also deflect light to avoid unsightly glares.